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Tuesday, May 5, latest;

Dominic Raab has said the UK must adjust to “a new normal” in the second phase of the coronavirus response, which he insisted “will not be easy”.  As the UK death toll rose to the highest in Europe, going beyond the 32,000 figure, the Foreign Secretary said the UK would have to balance the risk from coronavirus with the possible damage caused by the lockdown.

Boris Johnson is expected to give further and more detailed updates this week on the Government’s plans to lift the lockdown, and Raab said that the next phase of the coronavirus response “will not be easy”, as people adapt to new safe ways to travel and go about their daily lives.

Raab also suggested reopening all schools at once would create a “very real risk” of an increase in the infection rate and of a second peak, with evidence to date suggesting the five tests and risk of a second spike were crucial to deciding how and when to reopen schools,

Despite the death toll tally, the Government rejected international comparisons due to all-cause excess mortality as well as differences in how individual countries collect and measure their data.

“I don’t think you can make the international comparisons you’re suggesting at this stage, at least I don’t think you can make them reliably,” said Raab.