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Wednesday, May 6, latest;

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s roadmap on Sunday is expected to be a five-stage plan staggered over the next six months, including gradual re-openings, albeit within social distancing rules.

Speaking at the daily briefing, Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick confirmed that the PM will address this on Sunday and that the Government’s ‘strong preference’ is for the UK to move as one.

However, he suggested that if specific measures were needed to prevent a recurrence in particular places, the Government might re-impose measures locally.

‘But if, as we build up our infrastructure for testing and tracking and tracing, in time it is required for us to make interventions in smaller micro communities where you are seeing the virus take hold again, then that will be something that we consider as other countries around the world have done when they have implemented effective track-and-trace systems,’ said Jenrick.

‘But that is very quite different from making major changes to lockdown measures in one part of the country versus another.’

Another 649 deaths have been recorded, taking the UK total to 30,076. These figures cover people who have tested positive for coronavirus and died in any setting (not just in hospital). The official UK figures, however, do not cover the many people who have died from coronavirus without a test.

On top of that, Jenrick confirmed that the Government has again missed its target on testing. He said 69,463 coronavirus tests were conducted yesterday, meaning the 100,000 a day target set for the end of April hasn’t been met in the last four days, with the number falling  in the last three days.