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Friday, May 8, latest;

Environment Secretary George Eustice was joined by¬†Professor Stephen Powis,¬† the National Medical Director of NHS England, in which it was confirmed Boris Johnson’s Sunday announcement would be the roadmap for evolving lockdown restrictions.

“He’s going to set out effectively a roadmap of how we can evolve our restrictions at the moment,” Eustice said.

“There isn’t going to be any dramatic overnight change. The PM will be setting out a timetable.”

Eustice also gave an update on Brexit, saying that the Government are determined to push on with their plans despite the Covid-19 pandemic. “We’re still going ahead with it. Brexit is in fact something that happened in January.”

Elsewhere, on the topic of fast food chains reopening for delivery and drive-thru, such as McDonald’s, KFC and Costa, the Environment Secretary made a point of saying that the Government had not forced these chains to close, however they could operate “safely” despite not being essential.