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Sunday, May 10, 2020, latest;

Prime Minister Boris Johnson encouraged a ‘stay alert’ message to the nation, with people to remain alert to the safety measures associated with relaxed outdoor activity in household groups and daily exercise. The overall aim of staying home as much as you can to control the virus and protect lives and the NHS remains.

In his address, the PM also said people who could not work from home at all – including those in the manufacturing and construction industries – can return to the workplace from Wednesday but avoid public transport, providing it is agreed with their employers to return and that safety practices including social distancing can continue to be carried out appropriately within the workplace.

As the coronavirus lockdown continues, the prime minister said only minor modifications will be made to the restrictions in the immediate future, as he said the “campaign against the virus has come at colossal cost to our way of life”.

“We must stay alert. We must continue to control the virus and save lives.

“We can see it all around us in the shuttered shops and abandoned businesses and darkened pubs and restaurants,” he said.

“And since our priority is to protect the public and save lives, we cannot move forward unless we satisfy the five tests.

“We must protect our NHS.

“We must see sustained falls in the death rate.

“We must see sustained and considerable falls in the rate of infection.

“We must sort out our challenges in getting enough PPE to the people who need it, and yes, it is a global problem but we must fix it.

“And last, we must make sure that any measures we take do not force the reproduction rate of the disease – the R – back up over one, so that we have the kind of exponential growth we were facing a few weeks ago.

“I will be setting out more details in Parliament tomorrow and taking questions from the public in the evening.”

Johnson is expected to speak again tomorrow afternoon in which he sets out exit plans to MPs.