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Thursday, May 14, latest;

The Government has announced that £2billion is being pledged to improve the UK’s roads and railways as people are urged not to use public transport. The money will help fill ‘millions of dangerous potholes’, and fix damage caused by winter flooding and fund numerous road improvement schemes.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, who led the briefing, said people had a “civic duty” to avoid public transport if at all possible during the pandemic.

Work is also being done to fix the country’s infrastructure during the lockdown, with 419 Network Rail projects were completed over Easter and a further 1,000 upgrades will be done over the May bank holiday.

Meanwhile, Prof Jonathan Van Tam revealed that there is now an antibody test ‘we can absolutely rely on’.

“We have been waiting for a really good antibody test to be ready and there are now at least two available,” Prof Van-Tam said.

He anticipates that the one that has been green-lighted for the UK will be ‘rapidly rolled out in the days and weeks to come’, with focus on the NHS and on carers in the first instance. He  did reveal, however, that you need to wait around 14-28 days after infection for the antibody test to work.

It was also revealed more than half of Isle of Wight residents have now downloaded the contact tracing App, currently being trialled on the island ahead of a national roll out later this month.