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Tuesday, April 28, latest;

Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced that from tomorrow the Government will start publishing daily figures for the number of coronavirus deaths in care homes and other non-hospital settings.

“This will all add to our understanding of how this virus is spreading day-by-day, and help inform the judgements we make as we work to keep people safe.”

Hancock also reiterated that the Government will not be changing the social distancing rules until the 5 tests have been met:

  1. NHS protected
  2. Infection rates falling
  3. Number of deaths falling substantially
  4. Operational challenges around testing and PPE addressed.
  5. No risk of a second spike

Hancock also spoke of his goal set at the start of the month to reach 100,000 tests a day. “Every day, we are ramping up this testing capacity on track to meet that goal. We’re continuously opening new drive-through centers. There are now 41 with 48 going live this week. For people who can’t get to the tests, we’re expanding home testing to bring the test to them. We’re increasing the dispatch of home test kits from 5,000 a day last Friday to 25,000 a day by the end of the week,” said Hancock.

He also announced a significant increase in the number of people eligible for free coronavirus tests, which would include residents and staff in care homes, and patients and staff in NHS hospitals, who don’t have symptoms, who would therefore be eligible.