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Thursday, April 30, latest;

Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned the nation of a further coronavirus outbreak should lockdown be eased or rush lifting restrictions, hinting at an announcement that could involve the lockdown being extended yet again.

“I can confirm today for the first time that we are past the peak of this disease. We are past the peak and we are on the downward slope.”

“And we can now see the sunlight and pasture ahead of us. And so it is vital that we do not now lose control and run slap into a second and even bigger mountain.

“And so to avoid that disaster our fifth and final test is that nothing as I say we do should lift the reproduction number or rate of that disease back above one.”

Further to that, the Government will be publishing “a comprehensive plan” next week explaining how it would be possible to move away from the lockdown, following calls for an exit strategy. This will involve the Government plan to get the economy moving, plus reopening schools, childcare and making life in the workplace safer, enabling more work travel.

“A huge amount of work has been going on on that that plan and as we produce it we are being guided by the science, and we will try to build the maximum political consensus as we produce it across all parties and across the UK,” said Johnson.