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Sunday, April 12, latest;

Health Secretary Matt Hancock spoke at today’s public briefing in which he announced the development of a new contact-tracing App that would let people enter their personal health data, recent contacts and coronavirus symptoms.

And while it was addressed that the number of deaths had reached 10,000, Hancock reiterated the ‘central message’.

“The good news is that so far we have managed to start to see a flattening of the curve because people are following the social distancing measures by and large. And also that the core goal of making sure that the NHS capacity always being above the demand for NHS services has been achieved.

Hancock was also pressed on a commitment of deliveries of PPE to match what’s needed on the front line.

“We now have records amounts of PPE that’s been put out into the system, but until everybody gets the PPE that they need, then we won’t rest. We have thousands of people working 24/7 on this, including over this bank holiday weekend because the need and the demand for PPE doesn’t stop either.”