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Tuesday, April 21, latest;

Matt Hancock began today’s coronavirus briefing by addressing the provision of PPE for health and social care workers, stating that the Government was working with suppliers and manufacturers, including 159 in the UK.

The Health Secretary also said the UK had put more money into an international vaccine fund than any other country. He said that finding a vaccine for coronavirus is “the top priority”. The UK is giving more than £40m for two British projects searching for a vaccine to coronavirus as one developed in Oxford will begin trials in people this Thursday

The plan is to test it on around 500 volunteers by mid-May and if that work proves successful, give it to thousands more volunteers.

The ‘two critical tasks’ outlined by the Government are to firstly get the virus under control and flatten the curve, and secondly, to make sure the NHS is not overwhelmed.

Hancock said the Government have also been working to get PPE to those who need it on the front line, especially after a big increase in demand a month ago. He said they are doing “everything we possibly can,” and “working to improve the delivery system” that includes a “diverse range of suppliers”.