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Wednesday, April 1, latest;

Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Alok Sharma, took charge of the briefing, explaining that the government’s step-by-step action plan is aiming to slow the spread of the virus so fewer people need hospital treatment at any one time, ‘protecting the ability of the NHS to cope’.

“Throughout our response to coronavirus, we have been following the scientific and medical advice. We have been deliberate in our actions, taking the right steps at the right time,” Sharma said.

“We’re also taking unprecedented action to increase NHS capacity by dramatically expanding the number of beds, key staff, and lifesaving equipment on the front line, provide the care when people need it most.”

Sharma reiterated that the prime minister has been very clear about increasing testing capacity being absolutely the government’s top priority.

“We’re now at 10,000 tests a day. We’re rolling out additional networks of labs and testing sites. In terms of PHE, over the last two weeks, 390 million products have been distributed. Of course, we will continue to do more and work to make sure that PHE is available.”

Dr. Yvonne Doyle also touched on the NHS and PHE being committed to making 10,000 tests a day available, with that target met by the end of March – and with more capacity.

“Our commitment is actually to go to 25,000 tests a day, and we are confident, with our industry partners, that we will achieve that.”